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Use What You Already Have…

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… and LOVE what you use!

Those wise words from Alison are central to her interior decorating style. When dreaming up ideas for Homearama, or any project for that matter, she tries to take a product that she already has or that may be in rough condition, and give it a new life.

Little Girls Tulle Ballerina Side TableTake the tulle ballerina table in the little girl’s room, for example. The A.Dodson’s team found a small tabletop, gave it a fresh coat of white paint, and then attached legs to the bottom. Keeping true to our theme, we then sourced Made In America tulle, which we purchased from Tulle Source, and attached it to to the underside of the tabletop.

We also love the rebirth of this bookshelf. Before a stroke of A. Dodson’s inspiration, it was looking pretty drab and dusty. With some fixing up and staining, it turned out to be a beautiful piece in our loft room at the Made in America house.

The key behind both projects is keeping an open mind about a piece. With a little creativity, sweat, and paint you can bring new life to even the dullest, seemingly hopeless furniture!

Facebook friends, we’d love to see any projects that you’re working on. Tag us, and you may just give us our next inspiration for a piece!

Alice Dodson’s Top Secret Magic Potion

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We all have a special recipe passed down from one generation to the next. But do you have a magic potion recipe? It’s ok, we play well with others here at A. Dodson’s and we also like to share our toys. And potions.

Alison learned a special technique from her momma, Alice Dodson, for removing water spots or scratches on furniture and hardwood flooring. When we were preparing to open our Home Decor Consignment Shop next door, I caught Alison on her hands and knees with a Ball Jar. And then I saw magic happen right before my very eyes.

Alice’s Wood Cleaning Magic Potion

1/2 Raw Linseed Oil

1/2 Turpentine

Dap the mixture on your stain or scratch
Use #400 Steel Wool and rub with the grain of the wood.
Wipe with a heavy towel then let sit overnight. Heavy stains or scratches may take two rounds.

DIY Wood Floor Cleaner

Alice's Magic Potion

Wood Floor Cleaner DIY



Alice learned this trick from Jimmy Winn from Mt. Vernon Antiques in Port Norfolk, VA. When we asked Alice how long she’d been using this technique her answer was “how old am I?”

And now, our dear friends, go forth and show us some of your Before and Afters!

Salvaged Sensations…

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Looking for an inexpensive way to cover your dreary situation and impress your friends? Add a little texture to your life with burlap! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… Just follow these quick hints and viola, your space has been transformed!

Ask your local coffee shop or garden center for any excess burlap bags. Cut them down to size and start your staple gun. An electric stapler is the way to go…

Cutting the bags into interesting shapes will make the wall really stand out. Start at the bottom corner of the wall and work your way out. Don’t stop until you reach an “architectural landmark” (i.e. a column or window…)

Put your furniture back into place, hang a few pieces of art and presto you are finished. Family and friends will ooh and ahh over your creativity!

ARTichokes | Make a bold statement by grouping simple items

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In merchandising, as well as design, a lot is said about the impact of multiple object(s) being grouped together (hint: always cluster items in a group of 3 or 5). The artichoke is a perfect piece for this example! When clustered around frames and decorative objects a few artichokes can make such a dramatic difference! Leave me a comment, question or picture of the challenging areas in your living spaces! We may feature it in an upcoming post.


DIY Wall Decor

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If you know us, you know we love to use what we already have when it comes to decorating and fashion. Take a look at a few of the things we used to decorate our walls using things we had laying around.

We found a tree knocked down after Hurricane Irene so we brought it into the shop and made it look like a tree is growing through the floor. We stapled craft paper to the ceiling and hit it with some green spray paint and added twinkling white lights.

We tore out pages of old Mad Libs and made a sort of DIY wall paper out of them! Perfect for a kids room or a guest bathroom.

We bought a huge roll of craft paper and tore of pieces, scrunched them up and staple gunned them to the wall.

We collected tons and tons of wine corks and hot glued them to a wall. Perfect for a memo board in your mudroom or kitchen!

We stapled greenery all over the ceiling of our garden room and laced twinking white lights in them to create an absolutely magical look. Perfect for a little girls fairyland bedroom!

So Long, Farewell…

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We’ve been in denial for a while. In fact, we’re still in denial as we debate when her last day will actually be.  She said she might stop by one day this week, so technically she’ll be back. Does that mean yesterday wasn’t her last day? The movers don’t come until next week so really there’s still time. She could change her mind?  Sigh…

Our “We Can Do It” extraordinaire, our weekend trailer park/country club resident, our 5’13″ dear friend who can do absolutely anything except face a spider… is moving. Amy Walker Wheeler and her husband will be moving across the country to show California how it’s done. And while we will miss her terribly and be lost for a while without her, we keep reminding ourselves that now we’ll have a great place to stay when we visit Hollywood! So join us as we say goodbye to Amy in our typical know-no-shame style.

Maybe if we tell her southern California is crawling with big hairy spiders who want to eat her head off she’ll stay? It’s worth a try.

You Need Our Facebook Secret Handshake!

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Somewhere between an earthquake and a hurricane, we hit a benchmark of 2000 Facebook fans! The four long days we sat in electrically-challenged darkness following Hurricane Irene gave us some time to think about how we can celebrate big time (it also gave us time to create some fabulous Christmas displays but that’s another blog). As a result, we won’t just celebrate for a few hours or a day. No no no. We’re going All. Week. Long!

So beginning on Tuesday, September 6th and ending Saturday, September 10th we’ll be in par-tay mode! And when we party, you win. Here’s how it will all go down:

1) From Tuesday-Saturday (Sept. 6th-10th) you can come in once per day and receive 25% off any item of your choice (excludes sale and custom items). But you must know the secret code to get the discount so say “congratulations for hitting 2000 fans” at checkout or the discount won’t appear. Remember, this is for Facebook only fans and you gotta know the secret handshake.

2) Beginning Tuesday morning at 10am and ending Saturday evening at 5pm, we’ll be drawing a name every hour on the hour to receive a free product from A. Dodson’s. Simply drop your name and number in the basket when you arrive and cross your fingers. Be sure to write your phone number with your name and if you’re not present, we’ll call you!

3) We’re staying open late on Friday and a few of our fellow North Suffolk friends will join us for Happy Hour from 4pm-7pm. Bon VIvant will be serving up a wine tasting and what pairs better with wine than Odoodledoo’s Donut’s? Wine, donuts, door prizes and a sale! You just can’t go wrong here on Friday.

4) There will also be some surprise appearances from our good friends The Royal Chocolate, Smithfield Gardens and Connie’s Kids Children’s Clothing.

So buckle up kids! We’re about to have some fun…

How To Wear Red Lips

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The Frugal Fashionista The Frugal Fashionista


You might think glamorous red lips should be reserved for glamorous beauties like Marilyn or Gwen Stefani. Maybe, like me, you shy away from bright crimson because you’ve been endowed with thin lips. Or maybe you’re a ‘jeans and T-shirt’ gal who thinks red lips out of her league.  Think again! With the right beauty tips to follow, anyone can rock them…so go ahead, wear those red lips to the grocery store!

As a general rule for makeup, if you choose to highlight lips, eyes should be subtle, and vice versa.  So for red lips to look best, wear minimal eye makeup and rosy cheeks. If you’re like me and have blemishes you dont like, foundation is a must, because red lips bring out any redness in your skin. Also important, choose a red that looks good with your coloring.  Orangey reds turn my skin…well, orange. So I have to stick with classic “blue-red.”  I wore only mascara, pale white eyecolor, and blush….I tend to look like a vampire if my face is too pale with red lipstick!

Tip: start with chapstick! It helps keep the lipline smooth & wrinkle free…which shows up extra well with red.

If your usual uniform is jeans and you don’t feel yourself in bright crimson, a more casual yet equally alluring look is blotted lipstick (below). It feels very retro glam yet easy going.

I decided to go for a more dramatic look, though, and wore this dreamy Navy blue chiffon top from A. Dodson’s. This is a great evening emsemble–the leggings make it oh so comfortable, while snakeskin peep toes and billowy chiffon bring elegance! And double layer of masacara is a must…

The Coastal Margarita

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Being on the east coast of the fine Commonwealth of Virginia has its perks. Among them is an almost undeniable right to enjoy this coastal cocktail while sitting surfside, boatside or lakeside. Shake one up and toast the coast with us!

Coastal Cocktail Margarita

The Coastal Margarita

2 tablespoons tequila

2 tablespoons orange liquer

2 tablespoons fresh Key lime juice

1 teaspoon agave nectar

1. Pour salt in shallow dish. Rub rim of a chilled margarita glass with a lime wedge and dip rim of glass in salt, if desired.
2. Fill cocktail shaker half full with ice. Add tequila and next 3 ingredients. Cover with lid and shake. Strain into prepared glass.


* recipe courtesy of Coastal Living

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