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easter eggs 101…

 Craftgwaker has some absolutely killer examples of really far-out and different ideas to decorate eggs. It never ceases to amaze me how many crafty folks there are out there! I have compiled a few of my favorites below. Click on the image which will link you to the blog… Please send us your examples!!!


Vintage Book Easter Eggs


Glitter Easter Eggs


Lace Tights Easter Eggs


Ombre Eggs


All Natural Dye Easter Eggs


Dyed with Men's Silk Tie

thank you & credit to: Oleander and Palm, Sew and the City, Fab Housewife, Jany Claire & radmegan

Snapshot Haiku

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a snapshot is worth a Haiku!

sleeping silently

a february warm rain

greeting us hello

Moody Blues? Plant a Bottle Tree!

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Got a bad case of the blues? Then this is your remedy… A Bottle Tree will lighten up any occasion! For thousands of years, superstition has held that bottles can trap bad spirits at night, which are then destroyed in the next day’s sunlight.

Plant your very own Bottle Tree and add a little sparkle to your garden and brighten your day! Blue bottles are the best, and they help keep the “haint” away!!!

Metal Bottle Tree $39.99

Solar Bottle Tree $99.99


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